Yield : 146 % of Belle de Fontenay.
Grading : Proportion of large tubers: fairly high.
Susceptibility to diseases :
Leaf blight : fairly susceptible.
Tuber blight : NTR.
Black wart : not attacked.
Common scab : rather slightly susceptible.
Virus X : resistant.
Virus A : resistant.
Virus Y : rather slightly susceptible.
Leaf roll : moderately susceptible.
Nematode RO 1-4 : resistant.
Internal tuber defects : Moderately susceptible to rust spots and hollow heart, slightly susceptible to black spots.
Susceptibility to desprouting : Fairly susceptible.
Susceptibility to bruising : Fairly susceptible.
Dormancy period : Very short.
Culinary quality : Table-use group A, blackening after cooking: nil, unsuitable for frying.
Dry matter content : Low.
Keeping quality : Medium to rather good.

Morphological characteristics

Plant - medium to tall and leaf type foliage structure; stems semi-upright to spreading and weak anthocyanin colouration; large, medium green leaves and intermediate silhouette; absent or very low frequency of flowers, medium to strong anthocyanin colouration inner side flower corolla.
Tubers - long-oval; yellow, very smooth skin; fairly yellow flesh; very shallow eyes.
Sprouts - large, conical, weak intensity of anthocyanin colouration and weak pubescence of base; small terminal bud with very weak to weak anthocyanin colouration of tip; few to medium root tips.