Yield : 86 % of Kaptah Vandel.
Teneur en fécule : High.
Grading : Proportion of large tubers: fairly low to medium.
Susceptibility to diseases :
Leaf blight : moderately susceptible.
Tuber blight : slightly susceptible.
Black wart : not attacked.
Common scab :
Virus X : resistant.
Virus A : resistant.
Virus Y : rather slightly susceptible.
Leaf roll : fairly susceptible.
Nematode RO 1-4 : resistant.
Internal tuber defects : Slightly susceptible to rust spots and hollow heart, fairly susceptible to black spots.
Susceptibility to desprouting : Very slightly susceptible.
Dormancy period : Fairly long.
Keeping quality : Fairly good.

Morphological characteristics

Tuber : Cylindrical oval , half-sunken eyes, distributed over the whole surface of the tuber, violet skin, violet flesh.
Sprout : Purple, slight hairiness.
Plant : Tall, upright habit, entirely pigmented.
Stem : Thick, violet.
Leaf : Dark green, semi-glossy, little divided; purple petiole and veins.
Flowering : Moderately rare.
Flower : White, streaked with purple.