Potatoes to boil: All varieties with the following yardsticks are included: useless or slightly disintegration, steady or steady enough solidness, floury or slightly floury, thin or thin enough structure, white, yellow or intermediate tonality. In this group are included the following varieties: Agata, Almera, Carlita, Carrera, Jaerla, Liseta, Monalisa, Red Pontiac, Romano, Soleia, Afrodita, Arnova, Fábula and Xantia.

Potatoes for salat: The required attributes in this case, are the same as the category for boiling, leaving out the flesh colour which evaluation must respond to the yardstick of the white flesh, accepting deviations from either the greyish white, or even the yellowish white or the pale yellow; in this group are included the following varieties: Charlotte, Nicola, Carlita, Amandine.

Potatoes for frozen: The desired varieties into this category must produce tubers which cannot be desintegrated neither after the scalding before commercializing them nor once cook. These varieties must also appear with steady solidness flesh, not floury, white colour and neutral flavour or slightly pronounced.

Potatoes to fry: The yellow flesh with a high specific gravity and low content in reducing sugars, so that the final product obtains a golden, uniformy and intense colour together with a pleasant flavour. The tubers destinated to this kind of market, may come from either early growings or belated productions, destinated to change, respectively, following the harvesting, or after a period of storage more of less long, with controlled temperatures. Among its varieties, we could mention: Agria, Báltica, Caésar, Diana, Felsine, Artis, Markies, Fontane, Tristán, Remarka, Daisy and Courage.

Washed potatoes: The washed potato is a category which is monopolizing the interest of the consumers, due to its high quality and its particular attributes concerning shape, size and uniformity. Among its varieties we point out the following: Agata, Jaerla, Stemter, Monalisa, Romano, Carrera, Caésar and Agria.

Potatoes for roasting: This is an emergent gastronomic category, as complement or garnish for meats and fishes. The required tubers for this specialty, are the elongated ones with thin skin and without defects, together with superficial spots and big/medium sizes. In this group we include the varieties of Marfona, Spunta, Agata and Monalisa.