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Potato seeds

We are specialists in seed potatoes.

Potato seeds are vitally important for agricultural production. If they are of good quality, production and productivity can increase significantly, while the optimisation of inputs increases thanks to the invigoration of the plant. Planting a potato is not a trivial act. Crop yield can be multiplied vegetatively with a wise choice of tuber or seed. This is how the characteristics of each variety are maintained. But there are more advantages to planting potatoes using the right quality seeds. For example, concerning the spread of pests and diseases in the crop. But these advantages can only be achieved if the tuber has the appropriate genetic, physiological, health and physical conditions.

The best seed potatoes

We offer you a wide catalogue of potato seed varieties from the main producers. If you need advice on seed potatoes, remember that we are specialists. We are in constant contact with the commercial chain, which is why we have privileged information that we can offer the producer so that you can obtain the best result from each seed, flower or tuber. Properly planted seed potatoes increase production output and lower costs, improving profit margins. We offer you advice on the purchase of potato seeds for planting according to the area in which you are located. This point is paramount due to the weather. If you are looking for a competitive result, you have to take this into account.

What we can
do for you

What to know about potato seeds

There are many dimensions to potato seeds. Thanks to our knowledge, we recommend you trust our services for:

1.Selection of the tuber or organic or certified potato seed: there are different kinds, which is why the selection of certified potato seeds suggests quality. They can be of different sizes, shapes, levels of maturation, exposure to pests, etc.

2.Adequate transport: taking care of the seed transport is also important for greater or lesser success when sowing the potato. Mechanical damage can affect and reduce its level of germination, lead to weight loss, reduction of vigour, etc.

3.Correct storage: correctly storing potato seeds will allow you to reduce losses while the tuber maintains its proper physiological characteristics in optimal sanitary conditions. To do this, it requires a cool, dry, ventilated place with a limited capacity with regard to total production so that future planting conditions are not altered by storage.

Planting potatoes: 
a profitable business

Planting potatoes will always be good business if it is done in the right conditions and the right seeds are available. With acceptable quality and the corresponding certification, the project will grow in the desired direction. All this with a professional and economic service where our extensive experience in the field of seed potatoes will be on full display. We invite you to contact us to request a non-binding quote.

Remember, planting potatoes is a very specific task that has to be optimised, which is why we offer you: