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Potatoes for

A healthy and wholesome food.

There are many types of potatoes for consumption and practically all of them can be found here. Basing a business around this essential product will always be a good idea, because potatoes are a staple of any healthy diet.

In any large area, in markets and supermarkets and groceries and sales areas, you can find bags of potatoes for consumption that are replenished over and over again, as customer demand is constant.

Potatoes for consumption
are in high demand.

Potatoes are an inexpensive product, but they are so nutritious that they have become an ideal solution with a magnificent price/quality ratio. And while we are on the subject of high demand, we should not forget the HORECA channel—an acronym that refers to hotels, restaurants and catering. The powerful and influential Spanish service sector requires a large stock of potatoes for consumption, as this is a key food in many dishes, menus and diets, including both vegan and vegetarian options.

How to trade with
potatoes for consumption.

Planting and growing potatoes for consumption require great care and it is crucial to directly monitor the fields to ensure production. Samples from each plantation plot should be analysed to ensure high quality. Once grown, the potato for consumption must be properly stored with the appropriate conditions of humidity, light and temperature. From there, each potato will be selected, calibrated, brushed or washed, depending on the final packaging, as it must reach the end customer in a perfect state.

Containers for
potatoes for consumption.

Currently, in view of the high demand for potato consumption in Spain and in other European countries, as well as across the rest of the world, it is common to find the product offered in different forms and packaging.

Washed potatoes

It is very common to see washed potatoes in supermarkets, markets and shops. There are many offers of potatoes for consumption in these businesses, and this is due to the notable predilection of the general public for this type of product. It is a previously cleaned consumer food, which can be new, seasonal or old. The sacks of potatoes for consumption have different prices depending on the quantity and weight and depending on the type, as they could be red or white, sour or of another variety, special for frying, long or oval, thin-skinned, with spots or greenish, ideal for stews, casseroles, etc.

Brushed potatoes

They are usually cheaper, although this does not mean they are necessarily of lower final quality.

The sale of brushed potatoes for consumption is as healthy as in the case of washed potatoes. The difference is that they have undergone less cleaning and selection, so less product is wasted, even if some pieces are not as perfect and geometrically fetching.

In any case, they are tasty potatoes for consumption, with or without spots and greening, with whitish, yellow and reddish skin and flesh.

Potatoes are generally consumed in the same manner regardless of whether they are brushed or washed. The difference lies in whether the soil has been removed to make them more attractive, but this does not make them any more or less edible or tasty.

Be that as it may, potatoes for consumption are very common, and they are a product that is always in high demand.