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for Industry

A highly demanded, staple food.

Potatoes for industry are currently in considerable demand. There are a huge number of companies that work with this food as a raw material.

Potatoes for
industry today

What kind of companies generally work with industrial potatoes? Let’s examine them one by one and see what kind of tubers they usually order.

The hospitality industry is one of the sectors that most require this product. But, when referring to the item itself, we should not just be thinking about restaurants or bars. There are also large hotel chains, for example. And also catering companies and those specialising in providing menus to very large numbers of people.

There is a great demand for potatoes as a raw material in companies dedicated to food at an industrial level since they supply schools, residences and other services with their food and daily menus.

However, if we are talking about large quantities, the French fry industry must be one of the industries that have the greatest demand for potatoes.

In any supermarket or large area, we will find industrial French fries of very different types, with different flavors, packaging, finishes and presentations. All of them have gone through an extensive planting, production, selection and transformation process until they reach the store shelves.

It is not as famous as the hospitality industry, but its reputation is growing every day, as there are many services and even restaurants and venues that stock up on dishes of this type to offer to their customers.

Potatoes for industry are taken to companies focused on preparing vacuum-packed dishes that are then served in restaurants, on commercial flights, on public or private transport, in residences and in many other businesses that currently work with these products.

Of course, we must not forget the frozen-potato industry, one of the most powerful in this world market. Both individual consumers and restaurants and hotels consume enormous amounts of this product all over the world, especially potatoes to be consumed fried in homes, restaurants, etc.


Today, there is also a high production of potatoes that are vacuum-packed in glass jars, preserved in liquid once cooked, and subsequently sold in large supermarkets and stores to be quickly consumed by customers who hardly have time to cook, but want to eat healthily.

The best potatoes
for industry

What kind of potatoes does the industry demand? They can be divided into two large groups.

Potatoes according to their age

Today, both at an industrial and consumer level, we can clearly differentiate potatoes by their age:

These are young potatoes that are harvested between March and June. They do not have much starch, so they are ideal for frying and cooking. Hence, they are in high demand for potato chips, and also in the ready-to-eat range, as they are ideal for salads, for example.

These are also called teenage potatoes and they are harvested in summer. They are ideal for any purpose, as they keep high consistency.

They have a lot of starch, so they tend to break down when cooked. This makes them ideal for the catering and ready-to-eat industries, because, as they mature late and are harvested in autumn, they fall apart, which is why they provide binding and density to sauces and last a long time in the pantry.

Potatoes according to their variety

We can also classify potatoes for industry, and even for consumption, according to the variety. However, there are more than 6,500 varieties, which makes it very difficult to get to know them all. Be that as it may, potatoes for industry are a highly demanded, staple food.